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Microsoft PowerPoint® Slide Shows and YouTube TM videos called "Follow the River."
These shows are used by representatives of Hudson River Valley Tours for presentations of the Hudson River Valley.

Each PowerPoint® Slide Show has a built in viewer, so you do not need a copy of PowerPoint on your system.
Just Right Click on any of the links below, click "Save" or "Save Link As..."  or "Save Target As..."  or "Save to Disk..." depending on your browser.

Note that some of the PowerPoint® files are large and could take several minutes (depending on your Internet connect speed).
The YouTubeTM videos are streaming and should start immediately.

YouTubeTM Videos:
If you are interested in a sampling of the tour venues of the Hudson River Valley and would like to see a sample (about 30 images)...

[If you have high-speed internet connection,
click here for higher quality video.

PowerPoint® Slide Shows:
If you would like to see an abbreviated version slide show: Short Slide Show:
"Follow the River"
Approximately 65 slides
Approximately 13 Mb
If you are a tour operator and would like to see the full slide show, as presented at tourism shows: Full Slide Show:
"Follow the River"
Approximately 200 slides
Approximately 32 Mb

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