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Advantages of Working with a Receptive Tour Operator

A receptive operator has on hand the most comprehensive and up to date knowledge of the destination and services available. A receptive also has available the services of the most knowledgeable guides in the area. Therefore, the receptive will try to make the best choice based on quality and price to organizations that best meet their need and budget. In so doing, the receptive operator can promote service providers and develop future business for all concerned.

 In creating travel products for tour operators to sell in their markets, a receptive operator plans itineraries and suggests activities. A receptive agent specializes in organizing the intricate details of a travel package. This involves careful planning and required skills, which can only be acquired by many years of experience. The receptive agent is the most qualified to advise clients which itineraries will work best, and to coordinate this with the suppliers.

 The staff of a receptive operator consists of professionals who know how to fit the services to the needs of a particular group, and how to meet the needs of any type of group. The receptive agent knows the questions to ask and the issues to consider. This may not be the case when a direct booking occurs. Therefore much time is saved and potential serious problems are avoided. The receptive operator serves as the authorized local contact for the group, stepping in to handle emergencies and resolve problems as they arise. Very often, this quick action means fewer headaches for the suppliers. The receptive operator serves as a mediator in negotiating deposit and prepayment conditions that are acceptable to the supplier but still allow the client the maximum possible time to sell the product. The receptive agent also makes sure all payments are made on time. The above points illustrate some very positive roles Hudson River Valley Tours has played in the inbound travel industry in the entire Hudson River Valley.

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